Ranch Hand of the Year

The award is sponsored by the Agricultural District No. 3 as a way to recognize those men and women who make their living as ranch hands, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and have contributed to the fabric of our Great Basin culture and community.

2017 – Garley Amos

“Garley is one of those people who make up the backbone of Humboldt Count. He has served in so many capacities in this community, on local boards, as a local rancher, as a mentor and a good friend. He really epitomizes everything good that we stand for in this area.”- Kent Maher, AG District #3

2016- Woodie and Lilla Bell

Woodie & Lilla Bell

2015— John Falen

“John Falen is commited to the cattle industry, as well as the preservation of the ranching culture and way of life.”
— AG District #3

RHR John Falen

2014— Dan & Sammy Ugalde

“This pair have contributed in numerous ways to Humboldt County over the years. They have really left a lasting impression that will carry forward into the future.”
— Garley Amos

Sammy Ugalde

2013 — Louie & Frank Bidart

“These two men have established a legacy and a cowboy heritage that will continue for generations to come”
— Kent Maher, Ag District #3 President

2013 Louie & Frank Bidart RHOY Leonard on Smokey and Frank on Geoge 001

2012 — Larry Hill

“Well, I mostly just like Humboldt County and I always thought Winnemucca was my home”
— Larry Hill

Larry Hill RHOY

2011 — Jane Angus

“Cattle, rodeo, ranching and everyday life, you have always been as example to me since I was a kid. Even today, we still have a line of communication that I feel is priceless”
— Bob Tallman


 2010 — Buster Dufurrena

“Buster can look at a tough, complicated situation and see the positive aspects of it. He can see his way through the difficulties. He is a true optimist.”
— Linda Dufurrena

2009 — John & Tim DeLong

“Both John and Tim are horsemen in their own right, true buckaroos, rodeo cowboys, and well-respected cattlemen.”
— Christy Stanton DeLong & Rita DeLong Fowler

2008 — Harold Chapin

“His first love is horses and cowboying. He hates to come to town. He’s a quiet and modest man, but has a sparkle in his Irish blue eyes.”
— Rita Chapin

2007 — Loui Cerri

“Loui is one of the few remaining Great Basin buckaroos who can remember range in Nevada before ther were fences, stock trucks, pickups and horse trailers”
— Garley Amos

2006 — Frank Loveland

“If a cowboy tells you he worked in northern Nevada in the ’50s and ’60s and doesn’t know who Frank Loveland is, you should question his honesty.”
— Garley Amos