Winnemucca Cow Dog Trial
February 28 – March 1, 2018

Our trial welcomes dogs and their handlers from across the West. Cow dogs are an essential part of a ranch operation. Our trial provides a venue to demonstrate the agility and functionality of our canine companions. Watch how quickly these dogs move cattle through a timed obstacle course! The Winnemucca Cow Dog Trial runs Wednesday and Thursday of Ranch Hand Rodeo Weekend. The Cow Dog Finals take place Thursday evening.


Participant Information

Be part of one of the biggest and most exciting cattle dog trials in the western United States! Winnemucca has become a favorite for handlers across the region. Entry fees include sanctioning and cattle fees. This event is listed and sanctioned by the NCA. There will be one elimination round with the top placing dogs advancing to the finals in each class.

2018 Dog Trial Entry

2018 Dog Trial Rules & Information

For more information, please call or email Holly Gallian at 775-623-2220

2017 Final Results

  • Brace Champion- Levi Harris & Huck and Chip

  • Open Champion- Robin Brown & SCR Reinee

  • Intermediate Champion- Jaime Gonzalez & Oaktree Rusty

  • Ranch Champion- Justin Christensen & Sleeve

  • Nursery Champion- Nick Greenwood & Kip

Brace Class –
  • 1st- Levi Harris with Huck and Chip
  • 2nd- Pat Browning with Jack and Roy
  • 3rd- Mike Estrada with Hank and Zeke
Open Class –
  • 1st- Robin Brown with SCR Reinee
  • 2nd- Brian Abingdon with Wallie
  • 3rd- Shane Harley with Lad
  • 4th- Dustin Wood with DSW Omega
  • 5th- Mike Estrada with Zeke
Intermediate Class –
  • 1st- Jaime Gonzalez with Oaktree Rusty
  • 2nd- Darla Johnson with GE Texas
  • 3rd- Elliot Roberts with Bailey Blue
Ranch Class –
  • 1st- Justin Christensen with Sleeve
  • 2nd- Jeff Clausen with Gurdie
  • 3rd- Lisa Bedell with CC Cash
Nursery Class –
  • 1st- Nick Greenwood with Kip
  • 2nd- Travis Jackson with Val
  • 3rd- Justin Christensen with Max

2017 Winnemucca Cow Dog Trial Finals- Results

2017 Winnemucca Dog Trial Program & Draw Order


Photo by W.T. Bruce

Photo by W.T. Bruce

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